Mesa County Candidates:

Kathryn Bedell - Mesa County Commissioner, District 1


Who is Kathryn Bedell?

Dr. Bedell is a large animal veterinarian, self-employed livestock producer and local meat seller who lives in Fruita. She owns the Roan Creek Ranch and operated the Roan Creek Ranch Grocery in Fruita, which specialized in selling locally-produced products, for 6 years. She opened the store in 2014 and recently sold it.

Kathryn got her bachelor’s degree in biology from Mount Holyoke College, a master’s degree in biology specializing in animal behavior from the University of California Los Angeles, and got her D.V.M. (Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine) from the University of California, Davis. She has taught adaptive horseback riding, served on the energy advisory board in Garfield County, and has been an advocate for local food. She is also currently our area’s representative on the Colorado Agriculture Commission.

In 2004, Bedell served on the Garfield County Energy Advisory Board.

In 2008, Bedell put a conservation easement on 280 of her 400-acre picturesque Roan Creek Ranch (pdf) north of De Beque to assure it will always be used raise livestock. Bedell owned land that was split-estate, meaning she owned the rights to the surface land, while a drilling company owned the subsurface mineral rights. This led Bedell to testify before the state legislature in 2005 for a law to give landowners the right to negotiate a surface land use agreement before any drilling could take place on split-estate land.

Dave Edwards - Mesa County Commissioner, District 3


Who is Dave Edwards?

Dave Edwards, former Palisade Mayor Pro-Tem, is running for Mesa County Commissioner for District 3. Like everyone and every place in the U.S., Mesa County faces difficulties as monumental as those of the Great Depression. Dave listens and learns, discusses, problem-solves, and acts. He will use facts, science, and responsible fiscal and personnel management to solve problems. He believes in reasoned problem-solving that includes informed, effective public health initiatives. He has the experience and knowledge to respond to the challenges facing us in Mesa County.  

Dave’s background:

  • Retired attorney/Accountant

    • Law Degrees JD and LLM, cum laude

    • Certified Public Accountant

    • Certified Management Accountant

    • Certified Internal Auditor

  • Financial management

    • Hospital Finances of hospitals larger than St. Mary’s

    • Health Plan Finances for a health plan larger than Rocky Mountain Health Plan

    • Prepared numerous tax documents including Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for large and small governmental organizations including cities and counties

    • Extensive auditing experience including non-profits, for-profits, and governmental organizations

  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Town of Palisade

    • Seven years as Mayor Pro-Tem

  • Volunteer experience

    • Member Palisade Chamber of Commerce

    • Board member and volunteer for Catholic Outreach

    • Vice-Chair Grand Valley Interfaith Network

    • Member of Together Colorado

Scott Beilfuss

Scott Beilfuss -  Colorado House Representative District 55

Who is Scott Beilfuss?
Scott is a longtime resident of the Grand Valley and is excited to enter the race for the House District 55 seat. In his working life, he was a proud self-employed small-business owner for over 30 years in the Grand Valley. Like many here, he moved to the Grand Valley to chase the Colorado Dream of living and working in one of the great outdoor recreation areas in the world. He moved here in the mid-1980s just in time to bid thousands of new neighbors goodbye as the county emptied out from the effects of the Black Sunday Colony oil shale collapse. His family dug in and were able to thrive and ride out several other downturns over the years. Besides being a small-business owner, He also holds or has held Life, Accident and Health licenses and a Series 6 Securities license.

Why run for 55:
For many years he has been involved with local politics, health care advocacy and worked on many economic and social justice issues. While the Grand Valley’s economy until lately has done much better, many of the ongoing issues that citizens name as problems here continue to worsen. Astronomical health care costs, lack of affordable housing and good jobs, hard to find day care and little access to economical secondary education for many continues to be struggles. Median family incomes here have alarmingly gone down over the last 10 years with many residents being left behind economically as other costs around them have gone up. Seniors here suffer as well from high housing costs and inadequate access to services they need. A frustration with the state of local politics runs deep with most not trusting leaders and elected officials here. Scott believes we can make progress on these problems with new leadership.

AliceMarie Slaven-Edmond

AliceMarie Slaven-Emond -  Colorado House Representative District 54

Who is AliceMarie Slaven-Emond?

AliceMarie has owned her own health care company since 1992. She has been a CNA, Staff Nurse, Managing Resource Nurse, Director of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, Clinic Administer, and a Nurse Educator. She has been recognized several times throughout career including being the Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leader (2000) and Rotary's Paul Harris Fellow (2008). She prides herself on her strong community commitments such as American Red Cross Health Services, Court Appointed CASA, Western Colorado Migrant and Rural Coalition, Delta Chamber of Commerce, and the Abraham Connection NP Volunteer (homeless shelter), CMU Advisory Committee for Graduate Nursing Education. In her spare time, AliceMarie enjoys studying cultural anthropology, community restoration, farming and gardening, among many other hobbies. 

Why run for 54:
AliceMarie has several areas of concern that she wants to improve in Colorado. Her passions are: 

  • Recovery from Pandemic for Families and Small Businesses

  • Supporting Training for Technical Trades

  • Cost of College Tuition to State Residents

  • Protection of Pensions

  • Extending Medicaid Access (during recovery period)

  • Road Maintenance for Western COlorado 

  • Enticing Professionals to Work in Our Rural Underserved Communities

  • Stability of Rural Hospitals

  • Agricultural Water Quality

  • Funding for Research on Renewable Energy Sources

  • Colorado Transportation Services – Bus, Vans and Rail

  • Farmworkers Status

  • Support for Youth Who Age Out of Foster Care

  • Human Rights with Equal Opportunities

  • Statesmanship, Mediation and Compromise

  • Hunger in Colorado


Office Location:  310 N 7th St., Unit 2
Grand Junction, Mesa County, CO 81501 USA

Mail:  P.O. Box 2361 - GJ, CO 81502-2361

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