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Path to becoming a candidate

Democrats invite potential candidates to undergo an interview process to identify strengths and weaknesses for their goals. A candidate committee will provide resources for their growth. The Democratic party requests a resume and would like the candidate to undergo a background check and a social media review. The candidate should be aware of the resources of the party that will be helpful for organizing a successful bid for office. 

If you're a potential candidate, please take time to fill out the candidate self-test and indicate what training you would be interested in. All potential candidates should be familiar with qualification requirements to run for the office they are interested in. 

You will also have access to a resource book located offline. 



If you would like to see who is running, you can use the following links: 

Federal Races are searched through the FEC:  President, US Senate, Congress.  Here is a link to Colorado:  

State, Legislative, County, School Board and District Attorney Races are searched through TRACER at the CO Sec of State.

Municipal Races are not centrally reported.  The official filing record will be kept by a city or town clerk.

The General Assembly changed voting laws this session:


1) Automatic Voter Registration (through Medicaid in addition to DMV)

2) 17 Years (who will be 18 by General Election) can vote in the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary, in our March 7, 2020 Democratic Caucuses and in the June 30, 2020 Everybody-Else Primary.

3) People on Parole can now vote.