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Mesa County Democratic Party

Party Plans for COVID-19

County Assembly:

We are still moving forward with our in person County Assembly on March 28th. Due to the concerns with COVID-19, we have worked diligently with the state to amend rules for the assembly. We are taking every possible precaution to limit exposure and comply with social distancing. The delegates and alternates for the assembly will be receiving detailed instructions on how they may choose to participate and given the option of sending a proxy so we can keep attendance to a minimum. We are currently still scheduled to use the Auditorium at Central High School. Our back-up plan will be to utilize the building our office space is located in. 

Cancelled Events:

We have cancelled our monthly meeting as well as our monthly Women’s Democrats group for this month as a precaution against COVID-19. We will keep you informed for our April plans. Please make sure to keep washing your hands and follow procedures to prevent passing along this virus.

Postponed Events: 

Spring Fling and The Obama Dinner have been postponed. The new time and dates are TBD. When we have further information we will alert everyone ASAP. 

Office Hours:
As of now, we will keep our current office hours of Monday - Friday from 12 pm - 4 pm. We have discussed procedures to help keep the office sanitized and disinfected. Hours may change and we will notify ASAP if they do. 


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