A comment on 4A


Well, the no voters on 4A bought it hook, line and sinker.  The naysayers won again, and everyone lost. 

 I have to say that I worked on 4A and talked, called, conversed on Facebook and emailed lots of people in the “fiscal responsibility” and “transparency” camps who pretty much complain about any spending issue on the ballot.  Community pride, kids’ safety, replacing crumbling buildings, true fiscal responsibility, support of education in a community where a pathetic half of the kids in high school even attempt to go on to secondary education or even common sense don’t work very well with this group.  They heard that the schools didn’t spend their money the way that some hack said was the way they should spend it so NO it is. Not one of the people I conversed with had bothered to look at the D51 financial pages which clearly laid out their responsible spending of the last bond with full transparency.


So, here’s what the “winners” did for their community:   

-Rang loud and clear to our students to practice “shelter in place” as the winners don’t want to spend their money on the kid’s safety. Hell, we only vote for dozens of new cops for our own safety.  

-Rang loud and clear that spending $5 million dollars for repairs to old GJHS which will be torn down soon is good fiscal management What an ignorant waste of good money.


-Rang loud and clear that taking advantage of ultra-low bond rates to build and get the maximum amount of construction for our money is foolish.  They resounded that waiting 3+ years when prices will have gone up at least another 20% (how’s paying another $35 million sound – thanks a lot) is the better fiscal plan.  I literally asked this question dozens of times to not one answer as to why this was good financial planning. Some even commented that we should have kept up with the maintenance.  


-Rang loud and clear to hundreds of construction workers who would have worked on the schools to start looking elsewhere…maybe there is a correlation between our lack of skilled labor and our unpredictable economy?  


-Rang loud and clear to companies considering moving to Mesa County but were concerned about our school quality and commitment to education.  We answered that one.


-Rang loud and clear that there is very little sense of common good left here. Everyone is for themselves.  If we can’t rise as a community for education and our kids, there isn’t much left to hope for. 

One last thing, as far as the school district spending our money, we get a gift from our hundreds of teachers every day who carry the burden of low pay on their backs.  Add on their poor healthcare and retirement package and our teachers are delivering the best they can in a poorly funded school district which is part of one of the lowest funded states.  


Scott Beilfuss, 2nd Vice Chair


310 N 7th St Unit 2
Grand Junction, Mesa County 81501

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