Voting in Mesa County

Who are my political reps?

The links (at right) will provide PDFs you can open and download. They contain the names of Colorado's political representatives from the District to Federal levels, as well as their contact information for your convenience.

  • Federal Senators and House of Representatives... CLICK HERE

  • Colorado Legislature HOUSE Members... CLICK HERE

  • To find your Representative by address, follow the link below:

Polling Places & Drop Box Locations

For a list of Polling Places and Drop Box Locations in Mesa County... CLICK HERE.

For a quick reference guide on 2020 Colorado Ballot Issues provided by ProgressNow Colorado... CLICK HERE.

For a one-page guide of local Democrats running for seats in Mesa County and its Districts ... CLICK HERE.


We did it!

We are excited to announce Democrats have filled the ballot for County Commissioner Districts 1 & 3 and House Districts 54 & 55 ! 

The General Assembly changed voting laws this session:


1) Automatic Voter Registration (through Medicaid in addition to DMV)

2) 17 Years (who will be 18 by General Election) can vote in the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary, in our March 7, 2020 Democratic Caucuses and in the June 30, 2020 Everybody-Else Primary.

3) People on Parole can now vote.

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