Mesa County Democratic Women's Group

On December 6, 2019, approximately 50 women attended the initial “Mesa County Democratic Women’s Group” (MCDWG) planning meeting. Based on the number of women attending and their positive input, the Mesa County Democrats’ Executive Committee approved the request to proceed with the development of a volunteer women’s group. Initially in 2020, the group established monthly meetings; however, the coronavirus pandemic interrupted the regular schedule of in-person meetings.

In the 2020 “start-up year,” the MCDWG is committed to:

  • support, promote and advance the values, ideals and goals of the Mesa County Democratic Party through active participation, civic engagement, education training and political action

  • create a place of socialization, support, synergy, problem solving, initiation/termination of projects and having a little fun

  • engage in consensus decision making regarding priorities and projects of the group and, as needed, simple majority vote by members in attendance at scheduled meetings

  • inspire participation and achieve specific goals through individual and group projects identified by group members and/or Party leadership, short- to long-term in duration

  • establish individual annual donations in lieu of membership dues to support project costs.

Here is what’s up this year:

The 2020 Election / Get Out the Vote Project to:

  • increase voting percentage

  • evaluate methods used for replication in future elections

  • improve coordination between the Party and Democratic candidate campaigns

  • evaluate Training and Education plan related to typical election year activities.


The Welcome Project extends a welcome to all newly registering Democrats and unaffiliated voters in Mesa County on a quarterly basis, delivering a virtual “basket” of election resources and political action opportunities.

The 100th Birthday of the 19th Amendment Project celebrates Women’s Right to Vote and to honor women of note in Mesa County governance and political action.

Honoring 100 years since the signing of the
19th Amendment

The MCDWG’s coordinators are active volunteers, Treva Houck and Fran Higgins. If you are interested in joining the MCDWG, please sign up at:  or

send an email to:

and specify your interest in the Women’s Group.


310 N 7th St Unit 2
Grand Junction, Mesa County 81501

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