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The Mesa County Women’s Group is a sustainable group of volunteers committed to support, promote and advance the values, ideals and goals of the Mesa County Democratic Party. This is achieved through active participation, civic engagement, education, training and political action. The Women’s Group creates a “place” for socialization, support, synergy, problem-solving, initiation and termination of projects – and for having a little fun.

The Women’s Group was established in December 2019 and completed its start-up year in 2020. The Mesa County Democratic Party Executive Committee approved the Women’s Group as a 2021 Standing Committee.

Women’s Group membership constitutes volunteers, irrespective of gender identity, who aspire to empower individual and group initiation and participation in projects designed to achieve specific goals. Projects can be identified by Group members and/or Party leadership for short- to long-term duration, which are financially supported by individual member donations in lieu of annual dues.


  • Mesa County Women's Group Welcome Letter to newly registered Democrat and unaffiliated voters (quarterly), conveying a “basket” of resources accessed via the MCD website.

  • Celebration of women’s right to vote, inauguration (TBD January)

  • Identification and advocacy of 2022 Election candidates/issues

  • Education & training on canvassing, phone banks, finding ways to open discussions with unaffiliated and other party women



Sen Michael Bennet Tele-Town Hall Dec 11, 2020

GA Working Families Party GOTV Nov 21, 2020

MCD General Meeting Invite Nov 19, 2020

Swing Left Runoff Letter-writing Nov 13, 2020

Colorado COVID-19 Update Nov 10, 2020

MCD Recycles Yard Signs Nov 5, 2020

Final GOTV John Hickenlooper Rally Nov 2, 2020

Election Night Party Nov 2, 2020

Dems Honk & Wave Rally Oct 31, 2020

John Hickenlooper Mesa Co Q&A Oct 25, 2020

WomenToWomen Phone Bank Oct 25, 2020

Soul of the Nation Bus Stop, G.J. Oct 22, 2020

MCD General Meeting Invite Oct 22, 2020

Save The Date Jan 2021 Celebrate RBG Oct 15, 2020

GOTV on Ballot Day Oct 10, 2020

Women’s Group Vols Step Up Oct 4, 2020

Women’s Group GOTV Projects Sep 30, 2020


WG Newsletters

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WG "Welcome Letter" August 2020

WG "Welcome Letter" October 2020

Honoring 100 years since the signing of the 19th Amendment


For a one-page piece composed by Judee ONeal about and in honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an American shero... CLICK HERE.  


Remember what she said (see quotes) and take the time to learn more about this outstanding woman in our country's history. Her legacy will be part of the celebration when we gather in January 2021.


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