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Concerns with the Clerk and Recorder

With the Primary Elections coming up, we know that many are concerned about their ballots being taken seriously. While we do not take lightly what has been happening since Tina Peters has taken office, we do feel that having the Secretary of State stepping in, monitoring the office, and appointing election managers will help ensure the elections process is followed in the county.  Our party would like to note that Patti Inscho, our current treasurer, has been selected to be a Manager at the Elections Office after the Secretary of State's visit. We feel confident that Patti will help to ensure the elections process runs smoothly as she has many years of experience in this field. We extend a sincere thank you to Patti for taking up this offer and working diligently to ensure a fair elections process.  Tina Peters has caused a lot of concern for our election season and citizens are wondering what will happen next. Many have submitted letters to the editor and op ed's calling for action on this issue. The following letter is just one of many samples that illustrate our concern with this office. Please note we are doing everything within our ability to hold Peter's accountable in this office.  "This year is the 100th anniversary of ratifying the 19th Amendment and a great reminder that our nation has fought hard to ensure everyone has the right to vote. The 2019 election has left many wondering if that will be the case for us in 2020. Last year’s election shook the faith of Mesa County voters in many ways. The mishaps with our elections started in April 2019, with ineligible voters receiving blue books for issues they could not vote on and left eligible voters without access to important information to fully understand ballot issues. The language used on ballots was incorrect and confusing on all issues presented to the voters. To find out, after navigating through all the previous mistakes and persisting to fill out ballots, 574 votes were not even counted in this last election is unforgivable. Our Clerk and Recorder, Tina Peters, has been quick to imply that these votes don’t matter because they did not change the election outcome. As a constituent, I am hearing her say that we are irrelevant. I am hearing that my representatives only want to count votes, not hear voices. To write off these uncounted votes as human error and an unfortunate mistake is irresponsible, especially considering the several other mishaps throughout the election. Our votes are not irrelevant because they had no effect on the election outcome. Regardless of election results, every vote and every voice, gives insight into Mesa County and what we care about. As a resident of Mesa County, I have heard many express the concern that their vote doesn’t matter. Now, our county has told them this is true. People who voted for the first time in 2019 may never vote again because their disbelief in the system has been confirmed. Our voters have been written off and disregarded and they deserve better. They deserve to have their ballots counted and their voice heard. Our representatives should want to know how their people voted so they know how to best represent them. Without these votes being counted, the people are voiceless. The people of Mesa County deserve a voice.

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