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Dissolve the WCBA

The GJ Chamber must dissolve their 501c4 organization now.

The Western Colorado Business Alliance (WCBA) is a 501c4 organization we all now know was set up through the Chamber in 2012 to interfere with Grand Junction City Council elections. As 501c4 organizations are not legally needed to divulge their membership, board, or funding, they handle the dark money interference so often used for creating misinformation with our elections. The WCBA dark money group will not answer questions about their operations, and we can only surmise that more misleading public information from them will be coming.

The recent comments by Mike Anton, a WCBA founder, rings true to how wrong a seemingly legitimate group can stray to hurt our community. His racially charged comments at a recent Wednesday night City Council meeting showed what we are up against and how wrong some underlying business groups are in their direction. We call on the Chamber to clean up their business model and dissolve the 501c4 now. That an organization empowered with promoting local business could be so divisive is incompatible to where we should be going as a community in 2020.

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