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2023 School Board Candidates*

Ballots Due Tuesday, November 7

Jose Luis Chavez and Cindy Enos Martinez are registered Democrats

*The Mesa County Democrats do not endorse candidates in any non-partisan election.

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Jose Luis Chavez

Jose Luis Chavez was born and raised in Mesa County and earned a B.A. from Mesa College, now Colorado Mesa University. Jose Luis has been married for 44 years and has two daughters and three grandchildren. He enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family.


Jose Luis worked for the state of Colorado as a Probation Officer and a Juvenile Parole Officer for 30 years, helping youth and families during some of the toughest times in their lives. After his retirement Jose Luis has dedicated himself to work as a local community organizer, where he has worked with the Clifton community to facilitate strong partnerships. He has been mobilizing community leaders to empower themselves, develop skills as leaders, and provide the community with the skills to develop more equitable systems.


As a resident of Mesa County Jose Luis has had the opportunity to build relationships with a diverse population of the community, from community leaders to law enforcement, from school district employees to individuals reentering the community. Through his work he has strived towards finding and building solutions with individuals who have diverse points of view.

Information about Jose

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Cindy Enos Martinez

"I am a native of Mesa County with 30-plus years of experience in government. I'm a former School Board Member, and a former City Council Member. I have a vested interest in education since the late 70’s, starting with the Head Start Program. I would like to serve on the School Board because I am concerned about the safety and well-being of our students. For example, we need to take issues like bullying seriously. I also have the ability to recruit and retain good quality staff -- very important in this time of teacher and staff shortages."

Information about Cindy

For additional information about candidates and issues, check Anne Landman's blog:​

AnneLandman's blog

YES on State Propositions HH and II

Both the Colorado Democratic Party and the Mesa County Democratic Party support State Propositions HH and II.

Endorsements from the state party:

Services 1 — Colorado Democratic Party (


The Mesa County Democrats support Prop HH because it will help lower the the tax evaluation of your property, which will:

  • help lower your property tax;

  • allow your Homestead Provision to transfer to a new home if you choose to purchase one;

  • provide assistance to renters to help cover the increase of rent due to the higher property tax that will be passed down from landlords to renters;

  • provide provisions to help lower commercial property taxes;

  • will set aside funds for rural communities with higher costs but which will not experience the increases in tax revenue that larger, more populated counties will see;  

  • allow the state  to add money to fund education; and

  • will allow schools, fire departments, etc. to grow their budgets by 20%


Your TABOR refund may be smaller, but your property taxes will also be lower.

None of this will happen if Prop HH Fails!

More information at

Ballots mail out Oct 16+, and election day is Nov 7.


The Mesa County Democrats support Prop II because it retains taxes already collected from the Cigarette tax and will provide additional funding for free preschool, especially for lower income families.


Your VOTE is very important!

YES on Grand Junction Ballot Measures
2A and 2B

The Mesa County Democratic Party supports

local Ballot Measures 2A and 2B


Local Ballot Measure 2A raises the salary for Grand Junction City Council members. Ballot Measure 2B allows for 99-year leases on city-owned property. Here is the text of both these measures:

Certifying-Ballot-Questions-PDF (


Here are an endorsement and letter of support for 2A and 2B in the Sentinel:

2023 endorsements: Yes on 2A, 2B | Editorials |


Yes on 2A and 2B for a better community | Columns |


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